Excavators are also called diggers and 360-degree excavators, sometimes abbreviated simply to a 360. Tracked excavators are sometimes called trackhoes by analogy to the backhoe. The best known maker of bulldozers is probably Caterpillar which earned its reputation for making tough durable reliable machines. Although these machines began as modified farm tractors, they became the mainstay for big civil construction projects, and found their way into use by military construction units world-wide.

Excavator is provided with the energy conservation , strong power, multifunction, flexible ,safty and environmental protection. Attractive appearance and imported original-installed engine from Cummins Inc. suitable III Standard in Eur..On side of reducing the nosiy, Keeping apart motor with sealed door and acoustic material ,the noise outside can be reduced more.

Immersive Technologies is proud to demonstrate our first Excavator/Shovel Conversion Kit to various mining and contracting representatives. "It's as realistic as the truck simulation" and "This will really help productivity…" were just some of the many comments." Our engineers had a huge task associated with simulation of real time soil modelling, manipulation and ground engaging. They met the challenge and triumphed." Peter Salfinger CEO. Immersive Simulators can now be changed, in the field, from a Truck to an Excavator/Shovel in less than 20 minutes by non-technical staff.

The excavator movement hydraulics system uses a single load-sensing axial piston pump -- an efficient load-sensing design that automatically adjusts boom power for high productivity excavating, ditching, loading and demolition or standard grading, sloping and finishing. Not only is the load-sensing feature convenient and productive, it also allows for fuel savings. Operators of the new model also have the option of reducing engine RPMs from 1900 to 1700 using a new switch in the cab.

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