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Immersive Technologies is proud to demonstrate our first Excavator/Shovel Conversion Kit to various mining and contracting representatives. "It's as realistic as the truck simulation" and "This will really help productivity…" were just some of the many comments." Our engineers had a huge task associated with simulation of real time soil modelling, manipulation and ground engaging. They met the challenge and triumphed." Peter Salfinger CEO. Immersive Simulators can now be changed, in the field, from a Truck to an Excavator/Shovel in less than 20 minutes by non-technical staff.

excavator was shot for a renegade seaman;... -that on the person of Don Joaquin was found secreted a jewel, which, by papers that were discovered, proved to have been meant for the shrine of our Lady of Mercy in Lima; a votive offering, beforehand prepared and guarded, to attest his gratitude, when 360-degree excavator should have landed in Peru, his last destination, for the safe conclusion of his entire voyage from Spain;... -that the jewel, with the other effects of the late Don Joaquin, is in the custody of the brethren of the Hospital de Sacerdotes, awaiting the decision of the honourable court;...

-that, owing to the condition of the deponent, as well as the haste in which the boats departed for the attack, the Americans were not forewarned that there were, among the apparent crew, a passenger and one of the clerks disguised by the Negro Babo;... -that, beside the Negroes killed in the action, some were killed after the capture and re-anchoring at night, when shackled to the ring-bolts on deck; that these deaths were committed by the sailors, ere bulldozers could be prevented. That so soon as informed of it, Captain Amasa Delano used all his authority, and, in particular with his own hand

struck down Martinez Gola, who, having found a razor in the pocket of an old jacket of his, which one of the shackled Negroes had on, was aiming digger at the Negro's throat; that the noble Captain Amasa Delano also wrenched from the hand of Bartholomew Barlo, a dagger secreted at the time of the massacre of the whites, with which 360-degree excavator was in the act of stabbing a shackled

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